i interviewed one of the player from chess.com who is Jewish

At 3 am in the morning, I had a chance to play this very humble Jewish player at chess.com. Then I came up interviewing him, It was an amazing interview as if i was in a hurry without even minding the typo errors and grammars only to come up with this interview/chat I made. Jewish people are very humble people, they didn't even claim or give a nod that they are chosen people by God.

My interview with him (never mind the typo/grammars..hehe): I am thankful of having the chance to be with this friend for a little while in our game. The result of our game were only 12 moves made all in all.

Not edited....

Klintchess: the greatest contributors to chess are Jews
Klintchess: mikhael tal, bobby fischer, gary kasparov, sameul reshevesky, ther are jews,..why are you the brightest people on earth?
Klintchess: please answer me..from Philippines
amir-mai: relax, if you ask smart people they say it is just a cultural thing
Klintchess: its okay..if you dont mind
Klintchess: what kind of culture are Jews in?
Klintchess: How amazing your brothers were!
amir-mai: not all jews, certain jew population were in the middle of great civilization but were an minority and because of that more wiling to try and succeed
Klintchess: but Jews excelll in any field
amir-mai: all man are the same, trust this!
Klintchess: but why Jews excel in any field? Is it by faith?
Klintchess: I was amazed with albert Einstein...
Klintchess: I read it,..you were contributors to academic field,.. like sciences and economics
Klintchess: we have MArk Zuckerberg,..we have larry Page,..why is this happens? Is it God's promise?
amir-mai: no man, it just luck in being in the right place, culturalewize, civilizationwise...
Klintchess: Of countries I played here in chess.com, Israel is a very respectful person, you were silent,..King Solomon is a wise man..
amir-mai: read the book Guns, germs and still
Klintchess: I agree,..you people of Israel were a humble men...one of those that I think exist, is Joseph the dreamer
Klintchess: Even if I'm a Christian but I gave full amount of respect in your Religion...
amir-mai: just read the book, it explain how simple condition account for big changes later, the is true about the jews
Klintchess: What book I must read?
amir-mai: so all people are basicly the same, believe!
Klintchess: Jews are the Chosen people who follow the teachings and book of Torah..
amir-mai: Guns, germs and stillת by Jared Diamond
amir-mai: NOOO there is no chosen people man.. bye have to go
Klintchess: thanks..i'll read it...thank you///
amir-mai: bye man remember everyone the same

A very humble Jewish person I met...

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