Live fully, die empty!

Anyone likes to read a story. When the story is good. One likes to read it again and again. There was a young man, a lovely young man who really enjoy his childhood and youth. cheerfulness, making friends, obedient to his parents, giver, and a very happy young man. As the day came as he becoming adult, the universal law gave him so much fame, power, richness, and anything he could ask for were given. From that day on, he start forgetting friends, he hate his parent's advice, he doesnt love them anymore. He became arrogant, he used all what has given to him according to his own good and pleasure. He became disrepectful, he prefers his status than anyone else around. He is not the cheerful man anymore and he is becoming unlovable person anymore. Lastly, he changed. He stop being him in the days of his youth. And when the time he was in bedridden and breathing for one more last breath of his life that all he wants is to live back his life but its over for him in many years he temporarily live in this earth. Then he accepted that his death will be coming in a minute. Suddenly, he was eye-teared, and his tears began to flow and fall while gasping for extra breath and said "i made a mistake..."I really made a big mistake!.." "for what i've done the rest of my life..." "if i realize before it happened how to live life fully like my youthful life was until my last breath..." "i will say, Wow! This is life!" "what a life! What the best life i've been living!" "and im dying now, empty..." "but now, it's too late and i only hope that there will be no person on earth who will experience for what i am...."


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