skill over talent

talent comes naturally. skills is only develop by number of hours of beating of the craft. no matter how talented you are, you're talent will gonna fail you if you dont study, if you dont dedicate yourself every single day. if you can get your skills done even you do it in 24 hours a day without getting bored, without feeling tired, then that's your passion. you gotta have passion! dont go withe the results but instead but love the means, dont chase sucess because it will follow according to your passion in doing stuff you really love in every 24 hours, if you do, you cry not to give up but you cry to keep going on 1 inch at a time! easy is not an option when it comes to passion, it's hard that a lot of sacrifices are going to happen. it's hard, man! and you must do it hard! not according to your belief but according to you will and purpose! it feels like when other guys eating, you're working. when other guys sleepin, you're working and when other guys working, you're working. it's done by those person who pioneered facebook, microsoft, and apple.


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