someone's opinion on you doesn't have to become your reality

i have a very friend of mine during our teenage years. he told me, "with your height, you can't ever be employed in any companies..." i said, "hmmm?" then he said "yes" i dont even gave any reaction as my blood boils up but have to control. yeah, im one of the smallest guy (4 footer) in our school until graduation. then i came up to be a teacher someday because it doesnt required any height and be one of our great teacher there who's height like mine. I recalled it every single if not day or week, i said to myself "but what if what he said don't work out?" so i need that opinion not to work out on mine...and the rest is history kay taas na kaayu kung subayon..hehe..then i realized now that it's possible! But at least i'm humbly 5'3's possible, i have colleage that's small but poses a great talent and possesion. Yeah it's possible! That you can be employed in company if you want it bad as hard as you want to breath. Its possible you can live your life not according to other's opinion... It's possible to you to have to be deaf to negative forces....its possible you can live your life the way it is....if we knew how a very humble and small David whom mostly his fellow wouldnT believe that it's possible to defeat the giant Goliath...but it's Biblically possible! Joseph the dreamer whom all of his brothers excluding the youngest one didn't believe his dream that someday all his brother will bow down to him (im sorry for my literal words) , but it's Biblically done! It's done ladies and may not be possible if there is no more way, but our God will make a way!..that someone's opinion does not have to become your reality.....


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