My Late New Year's Post Reporting

Happy New Year 2014! My very first post for this year! Ona sa tanan, I thank God that I still exist - life is unpredictable, be in humane fashion. 2013 failures and successes were inevitable, but there's no failure, it's just results. I thank for my Family, my beloved wife, Gemma Lyn , and my elder son, Khlarens, and my very own dayonyurita Khirsten. Because of you, I have the reason to fulfill even not all of those, at least. And for this year, kapit bisig pa rin and thank God's favor that he has given to me - especially this life im breathin'. We welcome 2014! Happy new year everyone!

My 2013 chosen pictures.

best smile ni tetin

outdated pic ni kuya pero bugnaw

ang future teacher,..hehe

me, trying to be a top caliber,.hehe..beside me, sir Judy and i don't know who's the person playing with me since the pic was cropped and I can't remember the actual memory, long term memory loss.

Daghan pa pics, pero dili na maato ug upload....hehe...

And the last but not the least, thank you Lord for giving this kind of opportunity....gikan ni nimu Lord...
I reveal my 2013 Online Money Earning Annual Income Report,..

Till more years to come...God bless and happy new year once again!

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