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Manny Pacquiao First (Correction: Not 1st Fight) Fight as Professional Boxer VIDEO

Watch Manny Pacquiao First Fight as Professional Boxer you have ever seen.

If you want to watch how Manny fight when he was still in the midst of his boxing professionalism. You'll see how exciting he was before and until now. But there were many changes about today's fighting style now. The only thing that Manny has is his style as a boxer - an exciting fighter who made delight to the boxing fans.

In this fight, Manny is fighting as 112 pounds limit. The fight that made Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao who he is today. A world-class boxer is born. I kept thinking how could he be that small at 18 years of age? Especially compared to how much bigger in size he's been the rest of his career. I know two years usually isn't a huge difference, but when you're talking about 16 vs 18 then it definitely is. What a beast though seriously I've got nothing but respect for Manny.

When you are young in your teen and earlier adulthood, everyone, me, you, Pacman, and Mayweather all weighed at 115 to 150, depending on size and height, unless you was fat kid or taller than 6'0... and as grown men, if you still hitting the gym or not you can gain 50 to 100 pounds... Pacman and Mayweather both gained 25 to 30 pounds in their careers... Mayweather started at 130 and has fought at 154...Pacman started at 106 but he was 16... but when he was in his mid twenties he fought at 122 and has gone up to 147... not much of a difference really... Mayweather's stand now is that Pacquiao is broke and wants a pay day... but neither of the two would produce a fight on their own that will get 3.5 million PPV buys... Mayweather on his own gets 900,000 to 1.2 million buys, Pacquiao about the same... so to many excuses not to fight.
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