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A song from Floyd to Pacquiao

If Mayweather thinks that uploading Pacquiao's KO by Marquez will be an insult to Pacquiao, he's delusional. Pacquiao has been KO'd 3 times in his boxing career, all at times when he seemed indestructible. And yet he bounced back from those 3 KO's and achieved greater glory. It's like falling off the ladder 1 rung and moving up 10 rungs after. It just goes to show that he's a rare breed that can do that.

Most fighters after being KO'd start their downward spiral almost immediately. A billionaire will always say that they stumbled many times before, and that how you come back is what matters in the end. Being KO'd madee Pacquiao a very versatile fighter. Mayweather doesn't know failure and fears losing. He can buy women but failed in relationships. That's not what it's all about. Mayweather doesn't know what it is to be KO'd. Pacquiao does. Pacquiao is the only fighter who had been KO'd 3 times and belongs in the top tier of boxing. That's something!
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