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Mayweather And Pacquiao First Time Face Off At Miami Heat Game Video

Floyd Mayweather And Manny Pacquiao had finally face off for the first time just as yesterday's Miami Heat Game. This is the video of Pacquiao and Mayweather talk each other in personal.

Although Pacquiao looked uncomfortable in the picture. Floyd looked very aggressive in what he was saying. But it is not in the ring, it is in the Miami court, in a basketball game not in the boxing ring.

It is now clear to all, that Floyd is holding up this fight happening and that Floyd has always been the problem with it happening over the last 6yrs. Boxing commentators and boxing reporters, should be telling the sports world to “BOYCOTT” Floyd Mayweather fights in the future. Floyd has brought the sport of boxing into disrepute.

"Floyd met with us and how can I say he's not sincere. I believe he's sincere. I don't have anything to contradict the fact that he's not sincere...we looked eye to eye, we talked and I truly believe he's sincere and wants to make the fight happen...It's evident by his actions last night and I have no reason to doubt that. That's my opinion at this point in time, that he is sincere and that he wants the fight to happen. There were some concerns about the broadcasting. I promised Floyd that I would get on the phone this morning and work those out and put our foot down on certain issues," stated Michael Koncz.

While Mayweather initially scolded Pacquiao in a halftime meeting about misinformation about signed contracts coming from the side of Pacquiao and his promoter, Bob Arum, Mayweather gave Pacquiao his cellphone number and they set up the post-game meeting.

Ten months later, Pacquiao faced Erik Morales again. Pacquiao knocked Morales out in the 10th round. It was the first time Morales was knocked out in his boxing career.
“Everyone left on good terms,” Koncz said of the meeting inside the suite. “Floyd’s very personable, very cordial.”

“Floyd pledged to get it done and get everyone on the same page,” Showtime Executive Vice President Stephen Espinoza said. “It was, ‘Hey, there’s still some open issues, let’s get on the same page.’ Floyd’s in the loop on the bigger issues.

“They had a friendly, positive discussion. … It remains to be seen whether it was productive.

“The real measure of that is if can we come to an agreement.”

As of the boxing fan named Danny Mercado said, the way I see it is this. I'm not particularly an Arum fan, nor am I particularly a Floyd fan. However, I believe both sides have valid arguments. When Bob Arum and Manny have gone out in public to say they've agreed to all of Floyd's "Demands", then I would believe them. BUT, here's where it gets tricky. To Floyd's point, he has stated that if they truly agreed to the demands, then state which ones they are. Arum hasn't done that. You'd have to be an idiot if you don't think Arum is the big question mark in making this fight. We all know Floyd and Arum don't like each other. That's a fact. HOWEVER. Given that Floyd is his own boss, I put the final blame on Floyd for not being able to make this fight. I agree Floyd deserves the majority split and he is the "A" side in this fight. Pacquiao has very little say in that aspect, especially because he's got Bob as his boss. But, if Floyd really wants to make this fight, he will. And I think he's showing that by going out of his way to speak with Manny in private after the Heat game. These are facts. Pacquiao's advisor confirms that. You can't deny that Floyd and Manny spoke. At the end of the day, I refuse to believe this fight is happening or that both sides have come to an agreement until it comes out of Floyd's mouth. Floyd may be a douche sometimes, but when negotiations are happening, he's dead silent until the final signatures have been put on that fight contract. I want this fight to happen, but there's so many moving pieces that need to get done, that I find it highly unrealistic that that this fight is "close" to be made.

Pacquaio's camp previously placed a Jan. 31 deadline on Mayweather. Both camps have explored other options, with Mayweather possibly opting for a Miguel Cotto rematch on May 2 and Pacquiao fighting May 30, possibly against Amir Khan.

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