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Gennady Golovkin vs Martin Murray Fight Replay

Watch the fight between Gennady Golovkin vs Martin Murray Fight Replay soon this February 21, 2014 at Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Fight Update: Gennady Golovkin defeated Martin Murray via TKO round 11

What: Gennady Golovkin vs Martin Murray

WBA Super World middleweight title
interim WBC World middleweight title
International Boxing Organization World middleweight title

Rounds: 12

Fight Results: Gennady Golovkin defeated Martin Murray via TKO round 11

When: February 21, 2015

Where: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Here's the complete fight card:

Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray

Lee Haskins vs. Omar Lamiri

Hekkie Budler vs. Jesus Silvestre

Hughie Fury vs. Andriy Rudenko

Good luck with that mate. Golovkin is scarily good and the best middleweight out there. Include who you want in that. Murray is unlucky to be in probably the best quality division there is. Good but not great fighter. Golovkin in 5 I'd say.

don't believe Golovkin is beatable by anyone In the middle weight division at the moment, I would love to see him move up or down a weight... There would be some big fights then!

The world champion, who has stopped his last 18 opponents, said: 'I am really happy to have a big fight with Martin.
'I respect him, he's a great fighter. I have a lot of time until February 21.
'Martin is very strong, I think he's my best opponent. He's the biggest challenger for me.
'He has style and more boxing class.'

GGG is exciting, accomplished and devastating. I doubt there is anyone presently fighting at 160 who could go the distance with him in a competitive fight. His ring generalship is superb, his footwork and timing immaculate. He's an aggressive fighter, so of course he's gonna take shots, that's part of the game. Those who doubt his ability maybe are unaware of the 350+ fights he had as an amateur, where you don't have the luxury of bringing in sparring partners to simulate the style of your upcoming opponent and 6 week training camps. You don't get to watch videos of their previous fights either. You have to fight whoever you get lumped in with, and you don't have rounds to spare to feel out your opponent and pick out the weaknesses. You have 4 3 min rounds to get the job done and that's it. GGG in his long amateur career has never been put down. That is some accomplishment. What makes GGG unique in my opinion though, is not his ability in the square ring, but the way in which he carries himself outside of it. He is a gentleman. He has dignity. He speaks of his opponents with deference and respect, and this is perhaps a rarer thing in a fighter these days than a mere singular ability with his fists.

So, watch the fight now!

Golovkin vs Murray fight replay.

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