Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Results and Boxing Replay

The Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao Fight Results and Fight Replay.

FIGHT UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather Jr defeats Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision by scores 118-110 on one card and 116-112(2X)!

The so called "Fight of the Century" between the unbeaten and top pound for pound boxer of the world Floyd "Money" Mayweather is ready to take on the 8th division champion and the fighting pride of the Philippines Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao this May 2, 2015 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This fight is regarded as one of the greatest fight ever to happen. Watch out for the fight now!

Main Bout: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

Titles and Championships: WBC World, WBO World & WBA Super World Welterweight.

Fight Date: May 2, 2015.

Place: MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The American unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather and the Filipino 8th division champion Manny Pacquiao will finally meet in the centre of the ring Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this Saturday night in a 12th round welterweight fight. Calling this fight as "Fight of Century" and “The Battle for Greatness" or which may be, is the best fight ever!

If Muhammad Ali says he's the greatest then he's the greatest as he recently reminded Mayweather in a Tweet. Mayweather better take heed and listen to the great one. And before we even get to Floyd Mayweather we need to go through Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, and Sugar Ray Leonard who pound for pound may have been the greatest of them all. Mayweather is up there but he is not the greatest of them all.

If we're going to say for this great match, both fighters need a knockdown or even a knockout. Specifically, Pacquiao needs to knock Mayweather down in the middle rounds, forcing the better boxer to come forward and make the fight entertaining if he wants to get the points back. If the knockdown goes the other way, Mayweather will collapse into a defensive shell and counter-punch his way to the final bell. So, basically like any other boxing match.

The ref in the fight is gonna be a huge factor. If holding is allowed, Floyd gains a huge advantage. If he is forced to fight or move, instead of hold, then Floyd's in trouble. No shoulder roll, it just won't work with Mannys straight left. Mannys faster feet should be able to close distance and circle out and escape. Also angles will give Floyd a though time. He' s gonna get hit a good amount I suspect. Manny throws punches from the oddest of angles. I actually think Floyd is gonna get hit quite a few times with the straight left. Floyd wins if he's allowed to hold.

What's your fight analysis?

One of the fight analysis from boxing fans, "We can argue styles forever but the measurable statistics tell a big part of the story that is often overlooked. For most of his career Pacquiao has maintained a pretty weak plus/minus rating, before his last fight with Marquez he was averaging about +9. With his two comeback fights he actually upped that to +12 due to having fought lesser inexperienced opponents. For a guy that throws as many punches as he does and that has the hand speed he supposedly has, that's really low. Pacquiao has developed a high intensity punch routine that will ultimately work against him in a fight against a great defensive fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr. You use up a lot of energy swinging at a guy and missing, energy you will need for the later rounds.

Most of the guys that Pacquiao has fought have mostly been brawlers willing to trade toe to toe, he hasn't fought many boxers at the elite level. Many like to focus on the Marquez knockout punch but they forget Marquez sent Pacquiao to the canvas in the third round with a short feint left jab followed by a straight overhand right that knocked him off his feet. If you watch the third round and the sixth round knockout, you'll see clearly that Marquez was exploiting Pacquiao's biggest weakness. If you watch Pacquiao's fights, you'll see he telegraphs some of his punches. Marquez read these telegraphs perfectly and you can see in the third and sixth round he literally anticipates his next move when he throws those two devastating punches. The difference between Manuel and Mayweather? It took Manuel two fights before he learned how to fight Pacquiao (yes he won the third) Mayweather has the ability to adjust on the fly to a fighter's style and counter with a strategy that completely disarms his opponent. Expect Pacquiao to lose the ability to flurry on the inside. Expect him to avoid the lunging punches and fight cautiously on the outside, where he's a sitting for the Mayweather straight right hand up the middle, a punch he literally has no defense for." What do you think about this fight analysis?

This is definitely a battle of 2 different boxing approach: aggressive and scientific. Floyd is more of a tactical fighter that is willing to stay put while waiting for a perfect shot. Manny on the other hand is on the aggressive side. He is willing to take 2 punches just to have one solid shot. Having said that, for me the only way for Manny to win is to score a KO victory. I can't see Manny winning via Decision because Floyd will most likely throw some significant shots.

Here are the big questions as I see it. Can Manny hit Floyd consistently and with some force and hit him with multiple hard shots? Will Floyd be allowed to hold consistently if the going gets tough? (hope not) Which fighter can move in and out of position faster to do damage and then get out of range of the other fighters power? Which fighter will come in with the greater intensity and will to win? Can either fighter undo the strategy of the other? These series of questions will be accurately answered when the two squares off in the ring.

I believe Mayweather is still in his prime and maybe even getting better. Pacman has just been hit with much more power many times over; one needs to be blind to not see those hits have taken a huge toll. Had the fight taken place between 2006 and 2011, Mayweather would have gone down. Before and since those 5 years, Mayweather's advantages and skills are too much for Manny. This should have been their 5th and final fight. But better late than never.

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