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Amnat Ruenroeng vs John Riel Casimero Boxing Replay

Watch the fight of Amnat Ruenroeng vs John Riel Casimero - June 27, 2015.

The knockdown on casimero in round 7 was a slip, he scored a clear knockdown in round 3 and the ref didn't call it. The Thai did countless arm and headlock on him and grappled him down to the ground so many times that I wondered how much money did the referee receive from Thailand to make sure the ex convict amnat would keep his belt. Any decent referee would have disqualified the champ, Thailand fans should be ashamed, no honor on that victory.

The blonde boxer and that referee are just both embarrassment to the boxing sport.

That is the worst Thai fighter ever! So ugly not to realize that there is no "takedown" in boxing. Or he seems wanting to take his opponent down to bed!....His belt turns to rust. It's a sad day for Thailand as their is no honor on that cowardly act. The referee too is high thng.

The ref warned amnat many times for excessive holding and wrestling against casimero and only deduct one point..I beleive the ref was bias in favor for amnat.

That wasnt a boxing fight! did i just watch a wrestling match! the thai boxer is so shameful and the referee is so bias.

I wonder if the ref got sanctioned or suspended after the fight...clearly he was paid off...refs like this is what kills the boxing industry.
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