It's my birthday! - Noah Kagan

A few weeks ago I read an article where the writer said, “I’m only going to experience my sons birthday 8 times until he’s 8 years old.”

That finiteness of time really stuck with me:

    How many times can I actually listen to this song? 

    How many times can I eat at Taco Deli?

    How many emails can I ever send you?

There’s only so much of everything. That’s why it’s critical to be intentional about who and how you are spending your life every day.

In honor of that I thought I’d write up a few KEY things I’ve learned in the past year:

1- Surround yourself with people who are better than you. 
I joined a ping pong league and I lose every week. 
Normally when I play my friends, I completely dominate them. While it feels nice to win, losing and being around better players helps me elevate my game.

2- It’s your responsibility to make it fun.

I LOVE marketing. I could do it all day long. But as the leader of SumoMe, there are other things I should be spending my time on, and we have a great team doing marketing already. So I was “stuck” with the job of recruiting. I avoided it for weeks. Then I did whatever it could to make it more like marketing (new hacks to find people) and had WAY more fun with the interviews. 

Pro-tip: Try for a week to embrace the hardest challenge in your life.

3- Winners suffer longer. has not been easy in the past 2+ years. People quit, we lose revenue, servers go down and more.

But, I truly believe in what we are doing and believe whoever can hustle the longest will get what they want. How long have you committed to what you’re doing?

4- Clear goals are the only way to get what you want. 

I want to do a handstand this year. It’s freaking hard. Don’t glare at me you freaking yoga-hipster who can do some magic shit. 

So I wrote my goal down on a piece of paper, added it to my calendar, and make sure it’s in front of me every freaking day. Then my buddy Chris sent me his handstand plan and I follow it. Each day it gets a bit easier.

You have to know your final destination and have a plan to get there to accomplish anything in life.

5- You can’t do it alone. 

You’ll need support. You can’t have babies without a partner. It’s the same for everything in life. Get people around you to be there when you need them. The people in my life: Adam, Natalie, JR, Seth, Brian, Neville, Chad, Anton, all the Sumos, parents, you my dorky readers, and more!

6- It costs you nothing to ask.

One of the most effective things you can do to get what you want is just ask for it. Not enough people do this.  I emailed our credit card processor and asked if they could lower our fees. That email took me 12 seconds to write. They lowered our fees and it’s saving us $15k+ a year. Worth it.

The worse they could have said is “no”. Since not asking is the same as them saying no, all you have is UPSIDE in asking.

7- Multiply yourself

SumoMe has grown from 5 to 20 people. There’s NO way we could be anywhere close to where we are without the dream team we’ve assembled.

In your company, multiply yourself (and therefore your business) by hiring people better than you. Name any company you admire and recognize that it’s all the excellent people supporting a great vision that make the business a reality.

Here’s to another 364 days of awesomeness. Thanks for reading, cheering, supporting and kicking ass for yourself. 

Noah “tacos” Kagan

Ps. For my birthday, tell everyone a life lesson you want to share. 

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