Weekends' blogging earned me 45$

Finished my blogging sideline, little disappointed for the outcome - for Saturday and Sunday blogging, just earned 45$. Not just like before, I can go beyond this current earnings. I know the difference, even other bloggers as well, they loved their earnings before, there's no doubt lots of them have to quit and change their plan from online blogging to other side of online earnings like freelancing, etc, because now, kinda tough to earn in blogging, it is just because, it has evolved, from advertising, pay per clicks, the very transaction between publisher (like me) and the mediator - perhaps they changed the rates. But I can't afford to stop from this, since blogging is part of my life but not my whole life. As long as there is earnings from this and as long as there is fun in it to the very end I won't stop until the last drop of my earnings, i swear. Yeah,blogging for fun and earnings as well!

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