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Roman Gonzalez vs McWilliams Arroyo Boxing Replay

Here's the fight update of Roman Gonzalez vs McWilliams Arroyo in a 12 round battle.

Fight Result: Roman Gonzalez defeated McWilliams Arroyo via Unanimous Decision

Round 1

Feeling-out frame. Gonzalez scored with a nice uppercut toward the end of the opening-period which probably won the round. Arroyo didn’t seem in over his head, but it’s early. 10-9, Chocolatito.

Round 2

Arroyo came out firing the left and connected with several hooks. He’s the bigger man and did some nice work early, but Gonzalez came on with blistering combinations. Arroyo did the better work, though. Fight even on this card. 19-19.

Round 3

Gonzalez turned it on in the third, and hurt Arroyo with a right hand late in the round. There’s now a mouse under Arroyo’s right eye and it seems like Chocolatito is taking control of the fight, as he always does. 29-28, Gonzalez.

Round 4

Arroyo was performing well with the fight in the center of the ring, but then, bizarrely, the Puerto Rican’s sole from his right Adidas shoe fell apart. Have never seen anything like this. The sohe crumbled apart. They taped the shoes between the ring, now he has no sole. 39-37, Gonzalez.

Round 5

Gonzalez in total control. He’s almost doubled his foe with punches landed and seems well on his way to victory. The big question now is if Gonzalez can stop him. 49-46, Gonzalez.

Round 6

More Gonzalez, who is a ball of energy. His non-stop pressure and angles a huge problem for Arroyo, who has moments but not enough to win rounds. 59-55, Gonzalez.

Round 7

If you’re Arroyo, fighting a faster, better boxer, you can’t sit back in the pocket. You must punch with Chocolatito. He’s trying to counter, and it’s not working. Gonzalez doing damage to the body and piling up rounds. 69-54, Gonzalez.

Round 8

Chocolatito is fighting downhill. He’s doing whatever he wants in there and just toying with Arroyo at this point. But the challenger is game. He just can’t seem to do any damage to keep Gonzalez off him. Arroyo was hurt on a few occasions. 79-73, Gonzalez.

Round 9

There’s not much else to say: Arroyo is getting destroyed. He’s absorbing a ton of punishment, but is game and still trying to win. He’s a capable guy, but against the best fighter in the world, he can’t compete. 89-82, Gonzalez.

Round 10

Gonzalez is attempting to finish off the beat fighter, but Arroyo refuses to wilt. He’s winging big shots as he seeks the Hail Mary, but his prayers aren’t being answered. 99-91, Gonzalez.

Round 11

Gonzalez crushed Arroyo with body shots. The only question at this point: Can Chocolatito close the show? 109-100, Gonzalez.

Round 12

Gonzalez peppered Arroyo, but couldn’t finish him off. Arroyo’s right cheek is badly swollen. We go to the cards.

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