I am having an interview for Technical Support Representative in Teradyne

I work in Teradyne Philippines for more than 8 years now. And most of my work contributions were mainly technical. I do low level troubleshooting of defective boards from customer. That level of troubleshooting means finding the root cause and making analysis from electronic component to component level. I do also high level troubleshooting when I was assigned as an Associate Engineer because our AE was leveled up to being our team leader. So I accepted the offer from my supervisor for that role. Recently this year, I worked as an Engineering Technician to provide technical support to the Engineers working in the Engineering Solutions Team on projects and to be part of Central Engineering Team. I am part of PCFD, Customer Satisfaction, and the NTBU assembly team but mostly focusing in customer satisfaction. I know I am just 5 months of my new role but I gain a lot of learning there dealing with the engineers as my main internal customer. It was such a good job opportunity that I have right now but I know there would be always better opportunity, so I think applying for a Technical Support Representative is one better for now.


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