"Saving Private Mouse"!

How to fix and repair defective or malfunctioned mouse?

Tired of buying another mouse? You can save your mouse by simply watching this video tutorial.

Stuffs needed:

1. Screw Driver.
2. A Pin.
3. Puller.

I made this video so I owned the copyright. Hehe.


Today, I will show you how to revive your malfunction mouse on right and left clicks defects. This technique is 80 to 100 percent your mouse will be back to normal as I did. Long before I twice or thrice a year I will buy a mouse due to short performance. So I have now the initiative on how to save your mouse. Just watch the video, I am sorry I wasnt able to show you if it's really working. Coz of my kids talked with me while making that vid. Yeah, it worked as I played dota 2 with that mouse.

That is "Saving Private Mouse"!


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