Status of My Application as Technical Support Representative in Teradyne Philippines, Ltd.

I was interviewed last June 15, 2016 in our very own company Teradyne Philippines for Technical Support Representative. It was a great time meeting 3 of them. They knew I am an internal applicant, meaning, I already worked in Teradyne for more than 8 years in technical field in which I was assigned as Rework Technician, Test Technician (internally called as Board Repair Specialist), Associate Engineer, and currently, Engineering Technician in different years but most of those was being a Test Technician.

I am a graduate of 3 year Industrial Electronics Technology (Associate). A DOST scholar RA 7687 of Philippines. DOST for Department of Science and Technology and RA for Republic Act. Before I proceed to what's going on with my interview if I can recall all of those formatted questions they have asked, let me tell you something why I decided to apply this position.

When I came to work in Teradyne, I would spend my first hour facing the computer - checking our company's proprietary e-mail, replying those if needed, communicating with my colleagues and doing some stuffs like those. When I checked my e-mail, I saw the subject sent by Christian Toni Tabares from our HR department "CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Technical Support Rep". The qualifications/requirements were:

I am interested in duties and responsibilities from 1 to 3 since most of my job experience is somewhat related to that, so I have little confidence that I can do the job given my years of experience working in technical fields with training if ever I get hired. One thing I am being doubtful at was the number 1 qualifications and requirements that candidate must posses Bachelor's degree preferably ECE for Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering. But I pushed my self to try because my interest gave me delight to apply. So I managed to update my old resume to new. I uploaded and passed my revised resume to our HR department through replying the subject. Then I got a quicked response from Arvie May Auza of the HR department and the one facilitating the position available that she had received my resume. Here's our e-mail loop.

Hi Clint,

Thanks for sending your application.
We'll endorse your profile to the hiring manager for final screening.
We'll give you update either thru text/call or email as soon as we receive feedback.

Then, I wait for the interview. In other day, she contacted me that I have my interview with the hiring manager. I am excited about knowing that my resume passed the screening and I replied with confirmation that I can attend the interview invitation through phone text.

So, I got my interview with 3 of them. As I went in to the room where the interview is conducted, they asked me to have seat. Then, they asked me, If I knew them, but my response was "No" even if we're in the same company. I am not prepared to answer this simple question honestly. So they introduced their names (I need not mention here) so do I. But 2 of them was the supervisor and 1 of them was team lead if I am not mistaken. Then they asked to tell about my job experience. So I told them and a series of questions led to what would I do If got bored? Meaning, nothing to do in office hours. I said to them, that's a tough question, never heard of nothing to do during working hours. So I still managed to answer that I would check e-mails, organize some of my future plan or something I write down like a what-to-do list. Then when our conversation was about to end after a series technical and situational questions, one of them asked me if I am a BS graduate, I said that I am an associate electronics technology graduate. Then they mentioned my DOST scholarship. After that, they asked me if I have a question for them. So I asked them how many available slots for this position, they said they needed 4 available position. So I thought to myself that I have a chance. Quite confident with my years of experience.

Then in the other day, surprisingly, yeah, it was a very surprising moment! I received an e-mail in my gmail account from them. And this is it!

10:18 AM (22 hours ago)
to me
Hi Mr. Cacanog,

Greetings from Teradyne!

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us concerning a position for Technical Support Representative here at Teradyne. We appreciate your interest and very much enjoyed meeting with you.  

We are greatly  impressed with the qualifications you bring, however, after careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you a position at this time. 

Because our business is growing and requirements change over time, we will keep you in mind for any future positions that become available.

In the meantime, please keep visiting us at to review other open positions that may be of interest.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Human Resources
Teradyne Philippines Ltd. | Block 3 Lot 5&6 Washington Road, Cebu Light Industrial Park

Basak Lapu-lapu City 6015 Philippines
Tel. No. 63-32-3405447  | Fax No. 63-32-3405446
Email: | Website:

When you were in my position? What would be your reaction? I think we're in the same or maybe different. My reaction would be.... I think I need not to mention here because we are having a common and different reactions here. I respect your reaction and maybe, respect mine.

So I replied to them;

Hello Arvie and Cebu_HR,

Thank you for the immediate notification about my application for Tech Support Rep, it was such a great time.
I would like to ask from you and those who interviewed me, if by chance, where am I lacking at? I appreciate
if you could answer that so that I can improve in the next job application.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Klint Hope Cacanog
Engineering Technician
Engineering Solutions Team

I think that's what I can do for now and I think I did my best in the job interview even though my best wasn't good enough for them. This is the 2nd time I failed an interview. My first was when I was in high school applying for SM scholarship way back 2004. So, I think I am a bit upset to myself with all those numerous interviews I have encountered from being an OJT to Engineering Tech and this Technical Support Representative application. Am I upset? Or just a little pride? Or because I am just confident to pass the interview? I don't think I feel sorry for my self but I have to as what my lovely Instructor and a joker as well during my college years had said "I told you not to go but you go to!" hahaha. But to think of one of my favorite quotes, "It does not matter on how many times you get knocked down (failed), but how many times you get up (move on) and try"! For now, I have to move on. Moving on with a resolution, I will stop playing Dota 2 for now, I deleted and uninstalled it. That is my resolution and think of the things that lies ahead.

Thank you.

This would be my first and longest not a copy paste post. Yay!


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