People who always run late are more successful and creative

We all have a friend or colleague, who is never on time. They don't mean to annoy us or think they're entitled to being late — it's just in their nature. While successful time management can be easy for some, others just never get round to learning the art of schedule prioritization (no pun intended).
If you're not one of those people, you're bound to be perpetually annoyed with those who always seem to be late. Unpunctuality is incredibly unpopular — especially in work life. Different cultures have different understandings of time, but especially in our Western world today being late for something is seen as rude and unprofessional. 

Being late isn't a sign of disrespect

We should stop scolding people who are late. They're most definitely not lazy, it could even mean they have a whole lot on their plate. Multitaskingmakes you lose all sense of time.


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