Ang magik kung huna-huna ray nagdako

Ang title kung ininglison kay "the magic of thinking big!". This video I have embedded is coming from youtube video which I subscribed from him. He's very awesome and mostly all of his videos were awesome and many lessons to learn out of his videos. Nindot kaayu oi. If you want kay adto lang youtube then search "fightmediocrity", then sure ko na mogawas iyahang mga videos nga gipang-upload, then just hit subscribe. He didn't pay me for this and I'm not his ambassador, in fact, I do not know him and I need not to know him honestly, but all of his videos were insanely addicted to watch over and over again.

Yes, tinood. Sa pagkakita naq aning video nga the magic of thinking big, na amazed gyud ko oi. Like most of us, think really small on ourselves like our aim is to have a decent job instead of making millions, like we don't deserve to be like what the elite person can do and we lost value and worth to ourselves. What the video wants us is that, we need to believe in ourselves that we can make a difference, and not landing on just a decent job and a decent pay. Don't make any excuses. Iyahang gi-mention gikan kang Henry Ford na "The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both usually right."

So from now on, we should start to believe in our selves so that others will start to believe in us. Noh? Tan-awa lang ni nga video for your reference. Nindot kaayu ni. Start na tag too sa atong kaugalingon nga makahimo ta ug labaw pa sa tong nahimu ron. Just keep improving lang gyud ta.

Tan-aw lang sa ta ani nga video mga brad kung nakabasa mo diha kung wala mao nang ako na lay solo-solo ug tan-aw.


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