Drama2x sa companya "Laptop on violet screen!"

Ang drama2x sa among trabahoan as part of our core values nga gi demonstrate sa among groupo sa central engineering team or engineering solutions team pareha ra na. Pag meeting namu ni boss ryan wala namu gina-expect abi naq mag duka2x na pud ko kay ang meeting kay inig human man ug lunchbreak so expected gyud na imung mata kay imu ipugos ug buka ug paminaw sa iyang mga pulong about sa company's business, strategies, and many important matters he needed to discuss for us.

So, he gave us some activities like performing what he say in opposite. When he says step in, you need to step out. When he said step right, you need to step left. And he re-engineered the first instruction, this time, when he says step right, you say step left but you do what he said. Mind boggling for sometime coz things were difficult before they were easy matod pa ni akong amigo Ronaldo Layos sa iyang e-mail signature.

And then he discussed about company's core values, wow! we have 3 core values, and he brainstormed us what does it means. Then when time came, he divided us into two groups so that we will perform those core values in drama or in theater mode. Wow! This experienced was happening more than a decade when I was in high school - performed drama activities as part of our academic subject,..hehehe..nibalik napud hehehe kapoya ra bah ani but I feel like, I want to, not like those high school years that I need to because If don't perform, I might end up zero grades hehe.

So, our manager gave us little time to brainstorm what to do. So mao nah to. Nakahuna-huna mi ug product nga laptop. Ako gihimu ug customer sa laptop, it's kind of impromptu mode ni. Si John Joseph Ricana ang field engineer ug Si Chad Orqueza ug Aster ang mo-repair.
Dili nalang naq isulti ang among mga gipangimu didto ug sa ubang groupo basta lingaw kaayu. It's like we're having fun instead of grades. Kudos to boss Ryann Liao as our manager who facilitated that great activity. Ug naa pa diay gipa drawing pud mi ug bat and I was surprised that after we shown all of our drawings of "Bat", they were all amazed of my simple drawing on "bat". Yup, my drawing is different daw, mura daw kono 3D ingon nila ahw uu pud kay ang ilaha daw kay 2d hehehe, i mean, i have experienced drawing something during my high school years and I'm not bragging about it because experience is the best teacher where I am one of the average editorial cartoonists during my school years.

Then kaning title na nag violet screen ang laptop mao ni ang katong sa among drama, to tell you honestly I'm having no experience about this kind of thing, when I was in high school I am only a props man or camera man, or something stunt man! hehehe and no act or talking with the audience something like that hehehe but what I have on our drama was my gut to perform my role as an angry bird customer. Maybe it's my intention or not to say crazy things like violet screen and for tech savvy, there's no screen as violet when it comes to computer failures hahaha, it's BSOD failure as blue screen of death, if there's violet than I am the one who would authored the VSOD, violet screen of death. And that's why I keep mentioning this violet screen of death because when JJ Ricana the field engineer as his role heard this violet screen while talking, even in his seriousness, he can't control himself to LOLS! and having lough out loud with himself while he's acting in his role! I was amazed wow! With that simple violet screen word was the one which made him LOLS so hard and it was like he got pinkish face while laughing on it. Hehe! Peace J!

It was kind of having a good time. This happened only once in my lifetime and I will never forget about it - Friday, August 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Small things maliit na bagay na hindi makalilimutan habang buhay pa or hindi pa naging insane. Hehe!


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