One of the greatest comeback game in DOTA 2

Of all my games maybe hundreds or thousands of them, I choose this game as my favorite game ever and my best game in terms of comeback and that's why I can say that this is the game regarded by me as the greatest comeback game that ever existed in my entire dota 2 games.

Our team is really struggling from the start. Lina was a bit of having a hard fought against the onslaught of Alchemist in mid lane. But thanks to what I can call our captain Phantom Assassin whom later revealed himself after the sweet moment game ends as Iver Nacionales, he carried as in our middle game all the way. His BKB is real and in late game, his satanic is real, I am using he because he is the one playing Phantom Assassin and not PA herself,.hehehe. We are struggling to survive during our opposing team's onslaught led by Alchemist and Legion Commander. They made us to think of giving up by falling our every towers left and right that made them having early mega creeps while their towers were all up and still virgin I think.

I am playing with sniper in which I sometimes played the support and free hit during one of our clashing at that time. It was one of the greatest struggle for us also. It reminded that hope is still there carrying us during the battle and that the never give up attitude is still present that we must fight to live and not to die. Even in life, sometime we want to give up, but it's not like that, as one of the greatest quotes ever said during adversity, "Why in all the affairs of life, do we seem to grow best under adversity?" by Manly Hall.

And it happened during our Dota 2 game and this resonated other great quotes "The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity." by Seneca.

I think I need to pause this now and let me embed our videos I have uploaded in youtube regarded by me as "One of the greatest comeback in Dota 2 2016.


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