Why I lost interest in competition?

Ever since I was a kid, I loved competition. I loved playing competitive games like dakop-dakop, bato-lata, tago-tago, lagpakay, japanese2x, and many games that involve physical competitiveness and that having rewards afterwards. It's just like I am inclined into it. And not just that, my aim for every game is to be at the top of my form. It means I hate to be at the bottom, I hate being "bolay-og". Even in my elementary and secondary level, I had competed both physical and academic activities like Damath, Chess, Editorial Cartooning, Poster making, oration, and so on and so forth, and being a competitive person is so normal to me.

After a decade, things changed. I started to accept reality. Now. I thought when I was a kid that I compete with the other kids but as I grow older I realized that the only competition that I have right now is the competition of my own self. I don't want others anymore in terms of competing of having good salary increase, money, and others. I mean, who cares? They're having a good job position and who cares? I don't care about it anymore. Or it's just the reality that I am a sore loser? I don't think so. Or I am just having a paradigm shift or something like that and that deprive me from being a competitive person. I have tried to be competitive but I simply can not.

Maybe there are people also when they're kids, they don't know how to compete and they shifted to being competent when they grew old. Honestly, I can't answer my title question. And I think it's just a vice versa process and a sinusoidal path to take as we go along our journey in this temporary life.


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