What this site all about?

I wonder what this is site all about. Me, the owner of this site don't even know what's the real purpose of this site and why it exists. Maybe, this site is just like the other man made sites that exist and be gone like the wind. I have no idea why this happened to exist. To date, I am just talking to myself, hehehe, could you suggest any topic you would like to appear for this site? But I want to filter out those topics that I am going to publish, it must be a good topic and not an adult content or whatsoever.

Sometimes in life, I am bored. I got bored for what life is all about but that's not my intention to be bored and not my habit as well. I am just being true to myself. I think there are people who got bored in life and you are not alone. Even how bored or how miserable your life is, please don't try to cut your life out because life is a gift that can be achieved once in a given time. Even if how bored we are and how life is miserable, please don't get upset. Alright?


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