Filipino-American Brandon Vera vs Hideki Sekine Fight Replay Rematch - One FC

This is one of the anticipated match between Brandon Vera vs. Hideki Sekine in their match for the One FC heavyweight championship match up. The Filipino-American Brandon Vera is set to defend his title against the Japanese Hideki Sekine.

People saying it was a mismatch well it's not about height. That's why it's called "HEAVYWEIGHT" cause no matter how short or tall you are as long as make the weight required, you're qualified to fight but knowing that Vera is a former UFC caliber fighter. He has fought high level fighters in mma and there's not a lot of high level fighters in One FC Championship. They also think that Vera is too expert and caliber to fight in Asia. Vera fought pretty skilled fighters in America, some of them were stoppage from the refs. Vera is too dangerous fighting in Asia.

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  1. tanginang yan kaawa awa naman ang liit ng hapon


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