Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PAG-IBIG RTN Number on MID was LOST/FORGOT? What to do?

What is your PAG-IBIG RTN number lost? What happen to your PAG-IBIG number?

Before anything else and for the best possible way to do the lost RTN number of yours. We will define each term first.

HDMF - Home Development and Mutual Fund (more popularly known as the Pag-IBIG Fund)
Pag-ibig MID NO. - Pag-ibig Membership Identification Number
RTN - Record Tracking Number
IDSTAT - Identification Status (for PAG-IBIG number verification status)

You already know the steps on how to get your pag-ibig mid number through your pag-ibig RTN number by just following steps.

1. email and ask pagibig for your pagibig number(
Provide your fullname and Birth date.
2. Wait for their reply. They will provide your pagibig number and other details
3. Go to
4. And then select the last option “Update Registration Information using the Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) Number”. And then click Continue.
5. Input your pagibig mid number , your name and family on the fields provided.
6. On the next page, you can opt to change your information or just exit right away, since this will still redirect you to a page which will allow you to print your MDF. :)
This method saves time in filling up all the fields that you already filled up. And just update what is needed. Or you just want to print your MDF right away.


- If it happens you lost your RTN number, just visit the office you are applying for your PAG-IBIG application as soon as possible. They have a copy there and a track of your record and you can ask them for another RTN. Just tell the truth that you accidentally lost your RTN Pag-ibig / FDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund) Number.

Some queries for this post includes:

-I am already a member and had filled up the form a long time ago and now, i thought I forgot my number and had created a new one. Now, I found my details from the old one and want to use it. Is the old one discarded already, or can I still use it. Hope for your quick response regarding this matter.

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