One Great Advice From My Old Gold Friend Bert Azura Paddila

I am posting about search page rank to my facebook profile and thanks to my one great friend Bert Azura Padilla who commented on it and was like a book for me.

Great lessons. Thank you bai Bert.

Great job on your online project Klint. Just a comment and a piece advice from an old friend though :-) -- the first photo shows you're getting good referral traffic from a forum page. That's good, but it would be better to get referral traffic from pages relevant to your site business or niche.

The 2nd photo shows an impressive 4th position on organic search results, but I noticed 3 things you need to consider:

1. When you test how well your site ranks on certain keywords, don't search for it while you're logged in to your Google account. That's because part of Google's algo is to provide search results tailored to users profiles, search activities, online behavior, etc.

2. Also, try searching for your keywords using which means "no country redirect". That way you can better gauge how your site rank on "non-geo specific searches".

3. And most importantly, look at the search volume for your target keywords. What it means is that, it only makes sense to rank your site on certain keywords only if people are really searching for it. Looking at "cebu best rent a car" (see attached screenshot), it appears historically that only few, or no people at all are really searching for it. :-) That would be great to know on such case though because that would lead you to "research" more on what keyword variations you can work on and improve on SERP instead. :-)

Hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need more help. Good luck, Klint! :-)


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